Version: 6.x-25

Upgrading to Search Guard 6.5.x and above

If you are upgrading from Elasticsearch / Search Guard <= 6.5.0 to an Elasticsearch / Search Guard version >= 6.5.0 please read the following instructions.

OpenSSL / tcnative

If you are using OpenSSL, you need to upgrade the tcnative library to 2.0.15:

Kibana roles changes

Due to changes in the Elastic stack, the permissions for the built-in sg_kibana_server and sg_kibana_user have changed.

Please update your role definitions accordingly by comparing your permissions for the sg_kibana_server and sg_kibana_user with either:

Make also sure that the actions groups are up to date by comparing your sg_action_groups.yml with either:

Kibana Spaces

Since Kibana plugin v17 you can use Spaces together with Search Guard (but not together with the multitenancy feature).

Prior to Kibana plugin v17 (or if you experience problems with unexpected browser login popup’s) Spaces needs to be disabled by setting

xpack.spaces.enabled: false

in your kibana.yml.

Kibana saved objects migration

From 6.5.0 onwards, Kibana will check if all saved objects like visualization or dashboards need to be migrated to a newer version. Please read the official article about saved objects migration on the official Kibana docs:

Search Guard multi tenancy: index migration

On startup, Search Guard will migrate all tenant indices automatically by applying the saved objects migration to all tenand indices. Search Guard will perform the exact same steps as Kibana. All instructions in the Saved objects migration documentation apply for the Search Guard tenant indices as well.

Manual index migration

In case you need to migrate a tenant index manually, Search Guard provides an API for it. Example:

curl -k -u kibanaserver:kibanaserver \
  -H "kbn-xsrf: true" \
  -XPOST ''


  • The API endpoint must be called with the Kibana server user. Other users and roles do not have permission to use this endpoint
  • You need to provide the original tenant index name, not the tenant name.
  • Search Guard will check if the provided index name is indeed a tenant index. If this is not the case, the migration will not be executed
  • You can disable these checks by adding force=false.

X-Pack: Kibana optimize bug

Kibana currently has a bug in the optimization step if you use X-Pack, but disable reporting:

Please check if your Kibana version is affected and correct your kibana.yml accordingly.

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