Version: 7.x-45.0.0
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Search Guard - Security for Elasticsearch

Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch

Search Guard 7.x-45.0.0 Documentation

Signals, our free Enterprise Alerting solution for Elasticsearch, has been released! Signals docs.

Docker Demo

To try out Search Guard and Signals quickly, you can use the Search Guard Demo Docker image:

docker run -ti -p 9200:9200 -p 5601:5601 floragunncom/sgdemo

After the container is up, open

http://localhost:5601 to access Kibana

to access Kibana. For login, use admin/admin.

Security Alerting
Latest versions Getting started
Quick Start How Signals Works
First steps: Adding users Sample Watches
First steps: Configuring roles REST API
First steps: Assign users to roles Severity Levels
Main Concepts Actions

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