Version: 7.x-45.0.0
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Action groups API

Used to receive, create, update and delete action groups.



Where actiongroup is the name of the role.


Get a single action group

GET /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/{actiongroup}

Returns the settings for the respective action group in JSON format, for example:

GET /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/SEARCH
  "allowed_actions" : [ "indices:data/read/search*", "indices:data/read/msearch*", "SUGGEST" ]

Get all action groups

GET /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/

Returns all action groups in JSON format.


DELETE /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/{actiongroup}

Deletes the action group specified by actiongroup . If successful, the call returns with status code 200 and a JSON success message.

DELETE /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/SEARCH
  "message":"actiongroup SEARCH deleted."


PUT /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/{actiongroup}

Replaces or creates the action group specified by actiongroup .

PUT /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/SEARCH
  "allowed_actions": ["indices:data/read/search*", "indices:data/read/msearch*", "SUGGEST" ]

The field allowed_actions is mandatory and contains permissions or references to other action groups.

  "message":"action group SEARCH created"


The PATCH endpoint can be used to change individual attributes of an action group, or to create, change and delete action groups in a bulk call. The PATCH endpoint expects a payload in JSON Patch format. Search Guard supports the complete JSON patch specification.

JSON patch specification:

Patch an action group

PATCH /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/{actiongroup}

Adds, deletes or changes one or more attributes of a user specified by actiongroup .

PATCH /_searchguard/api/actiongroups/CREATE_INDEX
    "op": "replace", "path": "/allowed_actions", "value": ["indices:admin/create", "indices:admin/mapping/put"] 

Bulk add, delete and change action groups

PATCH /_searchguard/api/actiongroups
    "op": "add", "path": "/CREATE_INDEX/allowed_actions", "value": ["indices:admin/create", "indices:admin/mapping/put"] 
    "op": "remove", "path": "/CRUD"

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