Version: 7.x-36.0.0

This is a technical preview. Technical preview features are not fully supported, may not be functionally complete, and are not suitable for deployment in production. We encourage you to try them out and provide your feedback, good and bad, on the Search Guard forum. This will help us improve and add any features you might be missing.

Signals Administration

This chapter describes the admin’s point of view of a Signals installation.

Configuration Options

The following configuration options can be made in the elasticsearch.yml configuration file. A restart of the respective node is necessary to bring these options into effect.

signals.index_names.log: Specifies the name of the watch log index. Optional, defaults to <.signals_log_{now/d}>.

signals.enabled: Can be used to enable or disable Signals on the respective node. Optional, boolean, defaults to true.

signals.tenant.{tenant_name}.node_filter: Can be used to restrict the nodes a tenant runs on. Optional. The value is a node filter as documented here:

Technical Preview Limitations

At the moment, these settings are configured in elasticsearch.yml. Be careful to configure these options consistently for the whole cluster. Having inconsistent configuration across different nodes can cause watches not to be executed at all. Also it can happen that watches are executed multiple times.

The configuration will become dynamic in future releases and will be kept consistent onthe cluster automatically.

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