Version: SG FLX

Proxy based authentication advanced configuration

Originating IP addresses

Some features of Search Guard operate on the IP address of the client: This includes accept.ips and skip.ips in sg_authc.yml, or the IP-based role assignment in sg_roles_mapping.yml.

When operating Search Guard behind a proxy, however, it is always the IP address of the proxy which creates the connections to Search Guard. To be able to use the actual originating client IP anyway, Search Guard uses the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header to determine the originating client IP whenever a trusted proxy is configured.

Search Guard checks the IP addresses listed in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header from right to the left; the first IP address which does not match the network.trusted_proxies CIDR pattern, will be considered the actual originating IP address.

Note: This IP address will be then used by the sg_authc.yml settings accept.ips and skip.ips. If you want to check the IP address of the direct connection, you can use accept.direct_ips and skip.direct_ips.

If your proxy uses a different name of the X-Forward-For header, you can configure that name in sg_authc.yml with the option network.http.remote_ip_header.

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