Version: 7.x-36.0.0

This is a technical preview. Technical preview features are not fully supported, may not be functionally complete, and are not suitable for deployment in production. We encourage you to try them out and provide your feedback, good and bad, on the Search Guard forum. This will help us improve and add any features you might be missing.

Handling Timezones

Signals supports different time zones. If no time zone is specified, the default JVM time zone is used.

You can specify the timezone of each trigger by adding a timezone ID to the schedule of a trigger:

            "timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
            "weekly":[ {"on":["monday","wednesday"], "at":["12:00","18:00"]} ]

A timezone ID can be either something like “Europe/Berlin” or “UTC+01:00”. For details on timezone IDs, refer to the JavaDocs on timezones.

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