Troubleshooting Multi-Tenancy

Headers not whitelisted

During Kibana startup, Search Guard checks whether the sgtenant header has been added to the elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist configuration key in kibana.yml. If this is not the case, the state of the plugin will be red, and you will see an error page when trying to access Kibana. Make sure you have whitelisted this header:

elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [ "Authorization", "sgtenant", ... ]

Readonly tenants and write operations

In some cases, Kibana tries to perform write operations even though the user is currently in a tenant for which they only have read access, which will result in errors.

One such case may be Kibana’s prompt for the user to opt in to telemetry. If the user accepts or rejects, an error may be thrown when Kibana tries to save the user action. For this particular case, it may be helpful to disable telemetry in kibana.yml:

  enabled: false
  optIn: false
  allowChangingOptInStatus: false

Elasticsearch: Multi-Tenancy not enabled

If the Search Guard Multi-Tenancy module is not installed or is disabled, you will see an error message in the tenants menu. Make sure the enterprise module is installed, and also check that enabled is set to true in sg_frontend_multi_tenancy.yml.

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