Version: 7.x-36.0.0

This is a technical preview. Technical preview features are not fully supported, may not be functionally complete, and are not suitable for deployment in production. We encourage you to try them out and provide your feedback, good and bad, on the Search Guard forum. This will help us improve and add any features you might be missing.

Getting started with Signals Alerting for Elasticsearch

Signals Alerting for Elasticsearch is distributed as part of Search Guard. To use Signals, you just need to install the Search Guard plugin for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

The technical preview includes both Signals and Search Guard, and can be installed the same way you would install Search Guard and the Search Guard Kibana plugin.

Signals technical preview for Elasticsearch 7.4.0

Download the plugin:

Install the plugin

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b file:///path/to/

Signals technical preview for Kibana 7.4.0

Download the plugin:

Install the plugin

bin/kibana-plugin install -b file:///path/to/

Sample watches

To start quickly with Signals, we have prepared sample watches that can be either installed by using the REST API, or the Kibana plugin.

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