Version: SG FLX

Upgrade from Search Guard 7 to 8

Upgrading Search Guard from 7.7.x to 8.x.x can be done while you upgrade Elasticsearch from 7.17.x to 8.x.x . You can do this by performing a full cluster restart, or by doing a rolling restart:

Search Guard supports running a mixed cluster of 7.7.x and 8.x.x nodes and is thus compatible with the Elasticsearch upgrade path.

If you have not already done so, make yourself familiar with Elastic’s own upgrade instruction for the Elastic stack:

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In order to to perform a an upgrade from 7.x to 8.x, you need to run at least:

  • Elasticsearch 7.17.x (Elasticsearch requirement)
  • Search Guard FLX 1.0.0 (Search Guard requirement)
  • Upgrading from Search Guard classic (i.e., Search Guard versions 53 and before) is not supported

If you run older versions of Elasticsearch and/or Search Guard, please upgrade first.

Upgrading Search Guard

Upgrading from Search Guard 7 classic (i.e., Search Guard versions 53 and before) is not supported. You need first to migrate Search Guard classic to Search Guard FLX.

After upgrading a node from ES 7 to 8, simply install the correct version of Search Guard on this node.

No changes in elasticsearch.yml are required

Upgrading Kibana

Kibana should be upgraded after the Elasticsearch / Search Guard upgrade is completed. Just install the correct version of the Search Guard plugin to Kibana.

The following changes in kibana.yml are required:

  • Remove property
  • Remove xpack.spaces.enabled property if present
  • Remove property if present
  • Remove xpack.apm.enabled property if present
  • Remove xpack.graph.enabled property if present
  • Remove xpack.monitoring.enabled property if present
  • Add security.showInsecureClusterWarning: false if not already present

Important Notes and Troubleshooting

Expected warnings or log messages

  • In Kibana you can ignore all warnings and error in the logs which originates from* or plugins.securitySolution or plugins.alerting or plugins.taskManager.


  • In case you get an org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException which complains about invalid configuration for ... is not set, but the following settings have been configured in elasticsearch.yml: ... please remove the elasticsearch.keystore file in the config/ folder and restart the node.

Legacy ldap module removed

  • The original implementation of the legacy ldap authentication and authorization backend was removed in Search Guard FLX for Elasticsearch 8. The implementation was replaced with another implementation which should exactly behave like the original one. In case you use the legacy ldap authentication or authorization backend and experience any issues please contact us via the support portal or through the community support forum.

Running in mixed mode: Limitations

Elasticsearch and Search Guard support running your cluster in mixed mode, means with 7.17.x and 8.x nodes. This makes it possible to upgrade via rolling restart.

Running a cluster in mixed mode should only be done while upgrading from 7 to 8. It’s not supposed to be a permanent situation and you should aim to minimize the duration where a mixed cluster exists.

While running in mixed mode, the following limitations apply:


While running in mixed mode, X-Pack monitoring might return incorrect values or throw Exceptions which you can safely ignore.

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