Search Guard Suite 51.0

Release Date: 2021-06-08

This is a maintenance release of Search Guard which brings some smaller improvements and bug fixes. See below for details.

Support for HTTP proxies in Signals checks and actions

You can now specify HTTP proxies for all Signals checks and actions which create HTTP connections. This can be useful if you are running your ES installation in a setup which does not allow direct outgoing HTTP connections. A proxy can be defined both as a global default and on a action or check level.

Default Proxy

Signals supports now global configuration of an HTTP proxy which is used for all Signals checks and actions which create HTTP connections. These actions are

  • HTTP input
  • Webhook action
  • Slack action
  • PagerDuty action
  • Jira action

The global proxy can be configured using the Signals setting http.proxy. To set a global proxy, you can use this command:

curl -k -u admin -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '""' 'https://your-es-host:9200/_signals/settings/http.proxy'

Proxy specific to HTTP input and Webhook action

It is also possible to specify a proxy directly in the definition of an HTTP input or a webhook action.

This can be achieved using the property proxy which must be specified on the top level of an action or input definition.

For example:

	"actions": [
			"type": "webhook",
			"name": "my_webhook_action",
			"throttle_period": "10m",
                        "proxy": "",
			"request": {
				"method": "POST",
				"url": "https://my.test.web.hook/endpoint",
				"body": "{\"flight_number\": \"\"}",
				"headers": {
					"Content-Type": "application/json"

This will override a global proxy configuration. If there is a global proxy configuration, but you want that a particular webhook action or HTTP input does not use a proxy, you can specify "proxy": "none".


Support for Search Templates

Search Guard now properly allows to assign a user the privileges for using Elasticsearch search templates. To allow a user to use search templates, add the action group SGS_SEARCH_TEMPLATES to the cluster permissions of a role of the user:

  "index_permissions" : [
      "index_patterns" : [ "your_index" ],
      "allowed_actions" : [ "SGS_READ" ]
  "cluster_permissions": [ "SGS_SEARCH_TEMPLATES" ]


Support PUT /_searchguard/api/sg_config

The endpoint PUT /_searchguard/api/sg_config/sg_config is now also available at the more expected address PUT /_searchguard/api/sg_config.

These endpoints remain to be only available if elasticsearch.yml contains searchguard.unsupported.restapi.allow_sgconfig_modification: true.