Search Guard Kibana Plugin 7.x-35.1.0

Release Date: 29.05.2019

Security Fixes



  • Handle session timeouts on ajax requests that aren’t created by Angular’s $http service
  • Support special characters in tenant names
    • This PR allows for special characters in tenant names, such as $something&_test#
    • PR #207
  • Take non default space into account in nextUrl
    • This PR makes sure that the space prefix is available in the nextUrl when redirecting an unauthenticated request.
    • PR #208


  • Add proxy headers
    • This PR makes it possible to forcefully add X-Forwarded-For headers to calls from KI to ES
    • PR #205
  • Make logout url configurable
    • This PR adds a configurable logout URL for auth types that do not specify their own (Basic Auth, JWT)
    • PR #206