Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Search Guard Elasticsearch REST API


The API provides GET, PUT and DELETE handlers for users, roles, roles mapping and action groups. The general format is:

/_searchguard/api/<configuration type>/{resource name}

The configuration type can be one of:

The resource name specifies the entry in the configuration type you want to operate on. In case of the internal user database, it specifies a user. In case of roles, it specifies the role name, and so on.

The API returns the following HTTP status codes:

  • 200: A resource was modified succesfully
  • 201: A resource was created
  • 400: The request could not be processed
  • 404: The resource could not be found

The response body has the format:

  "status":<HTTP status code>,
  "details": <detailed message in case of an error>,
  "invalid_keys": <comma separated keys>,
  "missing_mandatory_keys": <comma separated keys>  

The last two entries are returned if you PUT a new resource but the content is malformed. invalid_keys is used when the content contains invalid keys. missing_mandatory_keys is used when a mandatory key is missing.

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