Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Get Settings API


GET /_signals/settings
GET /_signals/settings/{key}

Retries all Signals settings or a single setting item.

Path Parameters

{key} The configuration setting to be retrieved. See (Signals Administration)[] for a list of the available settings.


200 OK

The setting could be successfully retrieved. The value of the settings is returned in the response body. The response format is JSON. This means, that if a setting as a simple textual value, the value will be returned in double quotes. If you specify the header Accept: text/plain in the request, you will get a plain text response with unquoted textual values.

403 Forbidden

The user does not have the permission to retrieve settings.

404 Not Found

A setting does not exist for the particular key.


For being able to access the endpoint, the user needs to have the privilege cluster:admin:searchguard:signals:settings/put.

This permission is included in the following built-in action groups:



GET /_signals/settings


  "active": "true",
  "http": {
    "allowed_endpoints": [
  "tenant": {
    "_main": {
      "active": "true",
      "node_filter": "node.attr.signals: true"
GET /_signals/settings/watchlog.index



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