Troubleshooting Multitenancy

Headers not whitelisted

During Kibana startup, Search Guard checks whether the sgtenant header has been added to the elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist condiguration key in kibana.yml. If this is not the case, the state of the pluin will be red, and you will see an error page when trying to access Kibana. Make sure you have whitelisted this header:

elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [ "Authorization", "sgtenant", ... ]

Elasticsearch: Multi tenancy not enabled

If the Search Guard multitenancy module is not installed or is disabled, you will see an error message on the “Tenants” page, like:

Make sure the enterprise module is installed, and also check that searchguard.dynamic.kibana.multitenancy_enabled is not set to false in sg_config.yml.

Kibana and Elasticsearch: Configuration mismatch

If either the configured Kibana server username or the configured Kibana index name do not match on Elasticsearch and Kibana, an error will be displayed on the “Tenants” page, like:

Make sure the respective settings match in sg_config.yml (Elasticsearch) and kibana.yml (Kibana).

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