Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Demo users and roles


Search Guard ships with a demo configuration that contains users and roles for a variety of use cases. You can use these users and roles as a blueprint for your own permission schema.

Demo users

Search Guard ships with the following demo users:

Username Password Description
admin admin Full access to the cluster and all indices, but no access to the Search Guard configuration. Use an admin certificate for that.
kibanaserver kibanaserver Internal Kibana server user, for configuring elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password in kibana.yml. Has all permissions on the .kibana index.
kibanaro kibanaro Regular Kibana user, has SGS_READ access to all indices and all permissions on the .kibana index.
logstash logstash Logstash and Beats user, has SGS_CRUD and SGS_CREATE_INDEX permissions on all logstash and beats indices
readall readall Has read access to all indices
snapshotrestore snapshotrestore Has permissions to perform snapshot and restore operations

Note: By default, all users are mapped to the SGS_OWN_INDEX role. You can remove this mapping by deleting the following lines from sg_roles_mapping.yml:

  reserved: false
  hidden: false
  - "*"
  description: "Allow full access to an index named like the username"

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