Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Static inputs

A static input can be used to define global constant values that can be used anywhere in the execution chain.


	"trigger": { ... },
	"checks": [
			"type": "static",
			"name": "constants",
			"target": "myconstants",
			"value": {
				"threshold": 10,
				"time_period": "10s",
				"admin_lastname": "Anderson",
				"admin_firstname": "Paul"
		}	],
	"actions": [ ... ]
Name Description
type static, defines this input as static input type
target the name under which the data is available in later execution steps.
value An object defining the constants.

Accessing static input data in the execution chain

In this example, the constant values defined in the value section can be accessed in later execution steps. Examples:

Usage in a trigger:

	"trigger": {
		"schedule": {
			"interval": "{{data.myconstants.time_period}}"

Usage in an action:

"actions": [
    "email": {
      "body": "Dear {{data.myconstants.admin_firstname}}. There are too many errors in the system, see attached data"

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