Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Activate/Deactivate Watches by Tenant API


PUT /_signals/tenant/{tenant}/_active
DELETE  /_signals/tenant/{tenant}/_active

These endpoints can be used to activate and deactivate the execution of all watches configured for a Signals tenant.

Using the PUT verb activates the execution, using the DELETE verb deactivates the execution.

This is equivalent to changing the value of the Signals setting tenant.{tenant}.active. However, this API requires a distinct permission. Thus, it is possible to allow a user activation and deactivation of a tenant while the user cannot change other settings.

Path Parameters

{tenant}: The name of the tenant to be activated or deactivated. _main refers to the default tenant. Users of the community edition will can only use _main here.

Request Body

No request body is required for this endpoint.


200 OK

The execution was successfully enabled or disabled.

403 Forbidden

The user does not have the permission to activate or deactivate the execution of a tenant.


For being able to access the endpoint, the user needs to have the privilege cluster:admin:searchguard:tenant:signals:tenant/start_stop .

This permission is included in the following built-in action groups:


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