Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Security Integration

Signals is integrated with all security related features of Search Guard. This means that access to watches and also the underlying Elasticsearch indices is governed by Search Guard roles.

Signals Indices

The Signals configuration index may store sensitive data and is only accessible by using the Signals API. Direct access is not possible.

API Access

Access to the API to create, update, execute and delete watches and accounts is controlled by a user’s Search Guard roles and permissions.

Signals ships with pre-defined action groups that you can use when defining Signals roles.

Security execution context

Each watch is executed in a security context that governs access to the Elasticsearch indices. A watch is always executed with the set of permissions the user that created or updated the watch has at the time of creation / update.

Multi tenancy

Signals is multi-tenancy aware. If you are using Search Guard multi tenancy, you can separate access to watches based on a user’s available tenants.

If you do not use multi tenancy, all watches are stored in the SGS_GLOBAL_TENANT and available for all Signals users that have at least READ permission for watches.

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