Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Creating triggers for Elasticsearch watches

What is a trigger

Every watch has to define a trigger. A trigger specifies when a watch gets executed (“triggered”). Currently the following trigger types are supported:

  • Date and time
    • for example, every Wednesday at 2pm
  • Interval
    • for example, every 10 minutes
  • cron
    • gives you the full power of cron expressions


	"trigger": {
		"schedule": {
			"weekly": {
				"on": "thursday",
				"at": "14:40:45"
	"checks": [ ... ],
	"actions": [ ... ]

Trigger execution

Each trigger gets registered with the Trigger Execution Engine. The execution engine makes sure that

  • Each trigger is executed on exactly one node at a time
    • You can specify node filters to define on which nodes Signals Alerting should run
  • Triggers created in different tenants will not interfere whith each other

Time zones

Signals supports different time zones. If no time zone is specified, the default JVM time zone is used.

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