Version: 7.x-51.0.0

Customizing the login page

You can fully customize the login page to adapt it to your needs. Per default, the login page shows the following elements:

Use the following setting in kibana.yml to customize one or more elements:

Name Description
searchguard.basicauth.login.showbrandimage boolean, show or hide the brand image, Default: true
searchguard.basicauth.login.brandimage String, src of the brand image. Should be an absolute URL to your brand image, e.g. String, name of the cookie. Default: ‘searchguard_authentication’
searchguard.basicauth.login.title String, title of the login page. Can contain HTML tags
searchguard.basicauth.login.subtitle String, subtitle of the login page. . Can contain HTML tags
searchguard.basicauth.login.buttonstyle String, style attribute of the login button.

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