Release Date: 06.07.2020


Signals UI

  • Improved the watch Blocks mode UI.

  • Added Blocks UI for action checks for a watch in the Blocks mode.

Search Guard UI

  • Improved error message when uploading a license that isn’t valid.

Bug Fixes

Kibana Authentication and Multi Tenancy

  • Added a configuration option searchguard.auth.disable_authinfo_cache to disable caching of the current user’s auth info. Useful when the size of the authinfo response is too large to store in a cookie.

  • Since SG 42, using Kibana with a non-default tenant could show the error No index-level perm match for User ... Action [indices:data/read/mget[shard]]. This would only happen if the corresponding .kibana index went through migration at least once.

  • Fixed a regression where the tenant query parameter wasn’t always respected, for example when using a short link generated in Kibana.