Search Guard Kibana Plugin 7.x-41.0.0

Release Date: 05.05.2020


  • Port Multi Tenancy page to React
    • Tracking number: SGD-397


  • authInfo cache in storage cookie is not refreshed when adding/deleting tenants
    • In some cases newly created tenants were not immediately visible
    • Tracking number: SGD-386

  • Timeout while trying to modify roles in Kibana App
    • This fixes a timeout issue on the Search Guard configuration screens if there is a huge number of role mappings
    • Tracking number: SGD-383

  • Filter system indexes in the fetch mappings route
    • For FLS, system index mappings were not visible on the role configuration screen.
    • Tracking number: SGD-341

  • Search Guard session cookie: SameSite problem in the latest Chrome
    • The latest Chrome version woudl block the Search Guard session cookie if the SameSite policy was not set correctly.
    • See also this issue on the Search Guard forum
    • Thanks HelderMarques91 for reporting
    • Tracking number: SGD-19

Security Fixes