Search Guard v12

Release Date: April 12, 2017

  • First version with supports multitenancy for Kibana (ES 5.x only)
  • Add Kibana Info REST endpoint (ES 5.x only)
  • Add Demo installer (ES 5.x only)
  • Snapshot restore now usable for regular users PR 257 (5.x only) by Lucas Bremgartner @breml
  • SSL X509/PEM certificate support for transport and rest layer SSL (2.x/5.x)
    • Not yet available for LDAPS and Auditlog HTTPS connections
  • Thread context handling fixed (5.x only)
  • Honor JAVA_HOME in and (2.x/5.x)
  • Revise security policy to include additional netty permissions (5.x only)
  • Do not load DLS/FLS wrapper for clients (5.x only)
  • Revise default configuration, add multitenancy config (5.x only)