Version: 7.x-45.0.0
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Kibana new platform plugin beta

Starting from version 7.9.0, Kibana migrated to a new core architecture (called “New Platform”). It may not be visible from the end-user perspective, but the core architecture is very different. Kibana will remove the legacy core in the 7.11 version.

This is the first beta version of the Search Guard Kibana plugin based on the new Kibana architecture.

The current Search Guard Kibana plugin version still uses the legacy core API. We are working on converting our plugin to use the new core and are publishing beta versions for you to try. If you find any issue or bug, please provide your feedback on the Search Guard forum.


Important: To make the plugin work in Kibana, you must execute a patch after the installation.


Linux and macOS

cd kibana/plugins/searchguard


cd kibana\plugins\searchguard
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\patches\patch_kibana.ps1

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