Search Guard Kibana Plugin 6.x-17

Release Date: 20.12.2018

Upgrade Guide to 6.5.x

Security Fixes



  • SAML: IdP initiated SSO throws an error in Kibana (requires Search Guard v24 or newer)
    • The acsEndpoint to the authtoken call used by SAML was added
    • PR #159
  • Monitoring Tab Cyclically Failing
  • Show open, share and reporting controls for RO-tenants
  • Fixed tenant preselection after failed tenant validation #150
  • Basic Auth: Ignore auth header if we already have a session cookie
  • Dev Tools show now a proper warning when the user does not have enough privileges
  • Fix OpenID over HTTPS with self signed certificates


  • Spaces support
    • Search Guard is now compatible with Kibana Spaces
    • But is not yet compatible with Search Guard multitenancy feature
    • PR #160
  • Allow HTML in login dialogue
    • Now HTML can be used to customize the login dialogue (title and subtitle)
    • PR #158